Our Policies

What do we want for Ramsbottom, Shuttleworth and Holcombe Village?

Here is a list of our aims and objectives:

Being Accountable to you

  • There should be far greater decision making powers for Councillors locally on planning and licensing issues and a devolved budget for Ramsbottom Councillors to spend on our roads and other local services.  These decisions should not be left to Councillors from Bury, Prestwich or Whitefield.
  • We will hold dedicated public meetings when major issues arise
  • We pledge that we will do our utmost to ensure that Ramsbottom gets its fair share of funds from Bury Council.
  • We will continue to hold street surgeries.

Ramsbottom Town Centre

  • We will continue to support our local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce and Business Group
  • Promote more tourism to the town and Ramsbottom’s “independent” retailers
  • Promote and preserve Ramsbottom’s heritage, conservation area and historic buildings
  • Protect the town centre from overdevelopment
  • Preserve the “look and feel” of our heritage town
  • Increase street cleaning to remove litter
  • Provide more long stay parking.  We are opposed to short stay car parking charges for Ramsbottom town centre
  • Find a way to reducing the number of HGV’s that go through the town centre
  • Improve pedestrian safety, including investigating the whether pedestrianisation of the upper section of Bridge Street and the return of a “cobbled” street is a viable option


  • We are wholly committed to protecting our rural environment and green belt
  • Bury Council should encourage development on existing brown field sites
  • We successfully opposed the Anaerobic Digestion Facility at Fletcher Bank Quarry
  • We need to promote our wonderful parks in Ramsbottom
  • Increasing recycling rates in Ramsbottom is important to keep “land fill” charges down
  • Encourage a “Ramsbottom in Bloom” bid and groups such as Incredible Edible Ramsbottom

Local Roads

  • We regularly report dangerous roads and footpaths.   We need to ensure that we have safe, pot-hole free roads and pavements
  • Encourage a member of the public to become a “Street Warden” in every street in the town who can report potholes, litter, parking issues etc
  • Introduce 20mph limits where possible in our villages and near schools
  • Investigate a one-way system in the centre of Ramsbottom near the Supermarkets
  • Ensure Ramsbottom is protected in the winter with a “winter maintenance plan” that ensures the town does not become snow bound and gridlocked in the winter

Law and Order

  • Work with the Police and Law and Order agencies – giving them our fullest support in their efforts to keep crime low
  • Encourage more Neighbourhood Watch Schemes
  • Ensure that the CCTV camera in Ramsbottom town centre works and is effective
  • Urgently tackle anti-social behaviour where it arises so that it does not become a blot on people’s lives
  • Greater use of “Community Payback” so that offenders are brought into our community to clean graffiti, work with churches and volunteer groups etc to reduce re-offending

Sport and Leisure

  • We want to encourage greater use of our Swimming Pool, Leisure Centre and Parks.  We believe that “if we don’t use it, we’ll lose it”.
  • Promote Ramsbottom Library, including the greater use of volunteers
  • Enhance the Adult Learning provision in Ramsbottom
  • Encourage greater use of Ramsbottom Civic Hall
  • Work with and promote our Football Teams, Cricket Clubs and Youth Teams

Children and Youth Provision

  • We have good parks and children playgrounds that are clean and a credit to our town.   There are some 900 families in Ramsbottom with children under 5 years of age.
  • We campaigned against Ramsbottom’s Children Centre closing down.
  • Investigate the provision of a Youth Centre;  reinstate and expand the Skate Park adjacent to Ramsbottom Leisure Centre for our youngsters
  • Investigate whether we can bring more “indoor” play facilities for children to the town for when we have bad weather
  • Support and encourage involvement in Ramsbottom Army Cadets and Fire Cadets, Cubs, Scouts, Rainbows, Brownies and Guides

How do WE (as taxpayers) pay for all of this?

  • Remember that Bury Council spend your money – it is collected from taxes and Council Tax
  • At the very least, we need to freeze, but attempt to reduce Council Tax levels
  • Reduce bureaucracy and senior management at Bury Town Hall
  • Introduce greater collaboration and shared services with other local Councils to significantly reduce back office costs, including sharing a Chief Executive with another Borough.   When Rochdale and Oldham Councils investigated this, it was predicted to save up to £53 million over a 3 year period.
  • A devolved budget to Ramsbottom Councillors to ensure that money is spent sensibly in the town.

There are plenty of other issues that affect our town and villages.  If you want to know our views on a particular issue, then please get in contact with us.