Update on Ripon Hall Avenue flooding

Ripon Hall Avenue during recent flooding

Councillor Ian Schofield has made further representations to Bury Council about the flooding on Ripon Hall Avenue.

Council engineers have undertaken investigations to confirm that the blockage on the culvert is on adjacent private land and have subsequently issued a legal notice to the land owners requiring them to take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

The legal department have not received any response to this notice, or seen any indication of any works taking place.

It has been agreed that a grit bin will be provided temporarily to reduce the risk due to freezing water whilst the Council’s legal department continue to pursue the land owners.

Residents should be aware that the cost of the required works could potentially be substantial.

The Council have powers to intervene and once correct procedures have been followed, any works undertaken in default would be likely to result in a charge on the land. This would represent a significant investment by the Council to resolve this issue, with no immediate likelihood of recouping the investment.

Councillor Ian Schofield understands that this matter will be discussed at the next portfolio meeting before deciding on a course of action. He will continue to push for the work to be undertaken urgently.

Councillor Ian Schofield