Plans to ease traffic congestion on Ramsbottom Lane

Cllr Ian Schofield on Ramsbottom Lane

After consulting with Bury Highways department, Ramsbottom Councillors, Rob Hodkinson and Ian Schofield are pleased to confirm that a proposal to alleviate the traffic flow problems caused by vehicles parking along Ramsbottom Lane will soon be introduced.

Cllr Rob Hodkinson commented “We have received several complaints about the number of vehicles that are parking along both sides of Ramsbottom Lane in the town centre. Whilst there are no parking restrictions on either side ,the road narrows at one end and the road is not wide enough to allow free flowing two way traffic, particularly when large vehicles or buses are trying to get through.”

“I think that the problem has been exacerbated by the new development on Factory Street as it seems that construction workers are parking along Ramsbottom Lane. This development is unlikely to be completed until late summer 2019.”

“Ramsbottom Lane is also a popular place to park for commuters who use the X41 bus into Manchester.”

Councillor Ian Schofield added “We have also received several complaints from elderly and disabled residents who live in Ashton Lodge that the bus they travel on from Bury do not turn right at the top of Bridge Street due to the congestion caused by this level of parking on Ramsbottom Lane. These residents are having to walk the best part of a mile to Ashton Lodge.”

A proposal to alleviate the problem was put before Bury Council’s Traffic Management Unit and the introduction of parking restrictions was approved.

Head of Highway Engineering, David Giblin confirmed to us that “Officers will now seek to progress a scheme to introduce a no loading at any time restriction (double yellow lines with double tabs). This will also prevent blue badge holder from parking as it only takes one vehicle to cause issues when buses and HGVs need to pass. Given that a traffic regulation order is required as well as advertising, I expect that it will be around 6 months before the restrictions are put in place.”

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