Referendum on Town’s Potholes

Bury and Ramsbottom Conservatives have outlined their four year plan to invest over £25million into urgent repairs to our town’s pothole-ridden roads.

Jamie Hoyle, Conservative Candidate for Ramsbottom in the May 3rd local elections said “Wherever you go in Ramsbottom, Shuttleworth and Holcombe, our roads are in a terrible state. Everyone is saying that they have never seen them this bad before. Residents have had enough.”

Bury Conservative Leader, Cllr James Daly, added “The Borough’s roads are in an appalling state as a result of inept management and chronic under-investment by the Labour-run Council.  If elected in May, a Conservative-run Council would deliver the funding needed to fix pothole and full re-surface more of our roads.”

Jamie added “The Labour Party say they are “investing” an extra £10million.  What they conveniently do not say is that this money is being borrowed, repayable over 40 years with an eye-watering £7million in interest, that we, as local tax payers, have to pay back. Furthermore, the borrowing facility was approved in early 2017 by Bury Labour but none of it has been drawn down yet – over a year later. It is simply outrageous and shows how incompetent this Council really is.”

The Conservative proposal to invest £25million over 4 years would come from a variety of sources.  Conservative Councillors would facilitate the building of 1,000 new homes, generating £2million from the sale of Council owned brownfield land. This will also generate a “new homes bonus” of £7.6million over the next 4 years for our roads. Further funding would come from the use of available capital receipts this financial year, future years savings from a plan to set up a Community Interest Company to manage the Borough’s leisure facilities and using £9 million previously agreed by the Council.

Bury and Ramsbottom Conservatives also pledge to maintain the general roads budget of £2million a year for the next 4 years.

Councillor Daly commented “It is pathetic that Bury Labour did not propose any new money for Bury’s road network at this year’s Council budget meeting. Labour have got us into this mess, but only the Conservatives have a plan to invest the monies needed to improve our crumbling road network.”

Jamie Hoyle said “The Labour Party running Bury Council has neglected this town for too long. It is time for us to change that on 3rd May by sending a strong message to the Town Hall that Ramsbottom residents will not stand for this neglect.”

Only by voting Conservative on 3rd May can residents be assured that Ramsbottom’s roads will be given priority. This really is a referendum on Bury Labour’s pothole crisis.”

Cllr Rob Hodkinson and Jamie Hoyle on Nuttall Lane, Ramsbottom