An Update on the Nuttall Lane Potholes Saga …

By Cllr Rob Hodkinson

For the past three months your local Councillors, along with residents of the Whittingham Drive and Nuttall Road estates, have been constantly complaining to Bury Council’s Highways Department to repair the numerous, dangerous, potholes on Nuttall Lane.

Nuttall Lane is the only access route to over 1,000 homes and cannot be avoided.

Drivers using Nuttall Lane are faced with a daily slalom trying to avoid pothole after pothole.

We were advised that repairs would commence on the week commencing 19th March.  This date came and went with no sight of the Council.

In desperation that nothing was being done, a well meaning resident recently took matters into their own hands and filled some of the potholes. Unfortunately the materials used were inadequate and are already starting to break down.

Residents’ repairs to Nuttall Lane

We contacted the Highways Department yet again only to be told that a date for the repairs could not be given due to the significant backlog of this type of work.

So, for the past three months, our Labour-run Council have taken no action to repair Nuttall Lane, despite the efforts of your local Councillors and local residents.

As a local Councillor and resident, I feel outraged that Bury Council have taken no action on ours, and local residents concerns about the repairs until those residents have taken matters into their own hands.

The Highways department have now said that the repair work to Nuttall Lane will commence the week of 9th April.

Let’s hope they fulfil their promise this time.