Update on Ripon Hall Avenue flooding

Ripon Hall Avenue

Residents living on the Whittingham Drive estate will be aware of the overflowing manhole cover on Ripon Hall Avenue which has been a problem for many years.

During periods of heavy rain, the amount of water flooding the road has made it dangerous for both traffic and pedestrians. One resident has told us that “the water level during one flooding event last year was up to 4 feet deep and impassable”.

Currently the flooding from the manhole is constant even during dry days. It is only the nearby road gullies that are taking away this flood water.

Apart from the flooding the tarmac around the manhole was breaking up making it dangerous for vehicles.

Over the years local residents have made numerous complaints to the Council however the problem has yet to be resolved.

Cllr Rob Hodkinson has worked closely with Bury Council’s Highways Department and kept residents informed of any progress made.

In June 2017 Highways advised that further investigations would be carried out but the issue was considered a ‘low priority’ by the Council as there was no risk of flooding to adjacent properties nor flooding of the highway in such a way that would cause a danger to road users.

However, it was obvious that the flooding was caused by a blockage to the discharge pipe but there were no plans showing the route of the pipe.

Inspections carried out by Highways late 2017 with cameras showed the discharge pipe route was under the adjacent privately-owned land.   The Highways Department asked the landowners for their proposals to clear the blockage.

In February 2018 the owner of the land met with Cllr Hodkinson and the Head of Highways to discuss the issue relating to the flooding where it was explained to the owner that the responsibility for the pipe maintenance under the owners land was that of the owner of the land.

The owner has since received further correspondence from Bury Council giving the statutory time to respond.

We will advise residents of further progress as soon as we have further information.