Your views sought on local Planning – Bury Local Plan

Bury Council is in the process of preparing a new Local Plan that will guide future building and development in the Borough, including Ramsbottom.

Bury Council are now seeking your views on the key issues that you think the plan should address – including housing, Green Belt, infrastructure etc.

Alongside this, they are undertaking a ‘Call for Sites’ exercise.



The Local Plan should address the needs of our area and opportunities in relation to housing, the local economy, community facilities and infrastructure.

They should also safeguard the environment, enable adaptation to climate change and help secure high quality accessible design.

The new Bury Local Plan will set out a range of planning policies that will seek to support or restrict building and development up to 2035 and will zone land for specific uses, such as housing, employment and Green Belt.

The Local Plan will be used as the basis for determining future planning applications once it is in place.  It will replace the current Plan which dates back to 1997 and is out of date.

The Local Plan will sit alongside the Greater Manchester Minerals and Waste Plans and the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) when that is finalised.




All relevant documentation can be found at  You can also view the Key Issues and Policy Framework report at Ramsbottom Library during their normal opening hours.


Sometimes there will have to be difficult (and possibly unpopular) decisions and trade-offs need to be made.

For example, about a housing policy, green belt review; if jobs growth are part of the strategy, where houses go to meet the needs for employees; how infrastructure will be funded?

One of the most important national requirements set out in the National Planning Policy Framework is the Council’s plan to meet housing need in our area (and sometimes overspill from adjoining areas as well). It should take into account population and household growth projections, migration and also market and economic conditions.

Local plans translate these into policy, including identifying land for housing and employment uses.  Bury Council is required, again by national policy, to identify a five year supply of specific, deliverable housing sites.  This can be the subject of much debate and it will often involve difficult decisions about where it is appropriate for housing to go.

The Council are therefore seeking your views on whether:

  • the “Key Issues” are the right issues that the Local Plan should be seeking to address?;
  • there are any other “Key Issues”;
  • the “Vision” is an appropriate reflection of how the Borough should be in 2035; and
  • the proposed “Policy Framework” is appropriate.


In addition, the Council are also undertaking a Call for Sites exercise to try and identify land that is suitable for a range of developments and/or for protection.

In particular, they are keen to gather local evidence on any brownfield sites that they may not be aware of that could be used for development.


Responses by email should be sent to

Alternatively, responses can be returned by post to the following address:

Development Plans Unit, Strategic Planning and Economic Development, Department for Resources and Regulation, 3 Knowsley Place, Duke Street, Bury BL9 0EJ


The consultation runs over an eight-week period until Monday 2 October 2017.


The next stage will be consultation on a draft Local Plan in early 2018.