Plans for more homes in Green Belt

Cllr Ian Bevan (centre) with residents and members of the Tanners Area Residents Association

A planning application has been lodged for outline planning permission to build 9 residential homes on Green Belt land off Eccles Street, Tanners.

As residents had concerns about the proposals, a meeting was held of the newly-formed Tanners Area Residents Association at the Rose & Crown on Carr Street last  week to see what could be done to object to the proposals.  Cllr Ian Bevan attended to assist residents.

The site is in the Green Belt and the Ramsbottom Conservation Area. Concerns have also been raised that the proposed homes will create extra traffic and other problems for residents.

Councillor Ian Bevan said: “As someone who is a strong opponent of building on the greenbelt, I object to this planning application for residential homes on land off Eccles Street.”

“Greenbelt policies were designed to prevent the loss of open land, and an area such as this, should be worthy of protection in its own right.

“It is clearly the case that the site plays an important role in safeguarding the countryside in Ramsbottom from encroachment and becoming over-developed.

“It is a valuable piece of land that helps separate this urban area of Ramsbottom from the outlying areas and that its loss to development will significantly harm our town.

“The development would not preserve or enhance the conservation area, and would indeed detract from it.

“My view is that approval of this application would entail serious breaches of the National Planning Policy Framework and policies in the Bury Unitary Development Plan and should be refused by Bury Council.”

I would like to thank all those residents who are organising against this planning application for their hard work and dedication. 

I am urging residents to make their views known to the Planning Department at Bury Council as soon as possible.”

Objections will be accepted right up until the day before the planning committee meets.

The link can be found on the Bury Council website at:

The Planning application number is 61212.

Alternatively, you can email the Planning Department Case Officer, Tom Beirne:

You can also write to: Bury Council, Planning Control, 3 Knowsley Place, Duke Street, Bury, BL9 0EJ.

If any resident does have any queries, please contact Cllr Bevan.

We will be in touch as soon as we have some more news.


**Update … Bury Council have refused planning permission for this development. Great news and thanks to everyone that took the time and effort to object to the planning application!