Permission given for 50 new homes off Bury New Road

Proposed site for 50 new homes off Bury New Road

Proposed site for 50 new homes off Bury New Road

By Cllr Ian Bevan

I joined local residents at tonight’s meeting of Bury Council’s Planning Committee who were set to decide on whether outline planning permission should be given for up to 50 new homes on this green field site off Bury New Road, Ramsbottom.

Bury New Road resident, Colin Butterworth, addressed the committee, particularly on the issue of access and traffic, before I focused on protecting the land from development.

Both Colin and I raised the following points.

  • Substantial harm will be caused by the loss of openness in the area. The fields and meadows are “protected open land” in the Bury Council’s Unitary Development Plan, next to the Green Belt, and should not be built upon.
  • Harm will be caused to the landscape and visual quality of the area with impacts of noise and traffic.
  • The site is a proposed Site of Biological Importance (SBI).
  • Road safety will be compromised due to difficult access to and from the proposed housing estate.
  • The risk of flooding will increase.

Unfortunately, Bury Council’s planning committee gave outline planning permission to build 50 houses.

Seven Labour Councillors and one Lib Dem Councillor on the committee voted for development to take place.

The three Conservative Councillors on the planning committee voted against the proposed development.

This Labour-run Council obviously want to prioritise house building over protecting our fields and meadows.  In my opinion, they should be open and upfront with residents about this – as day in, day out, their Councillors make decisions like this to build on our town’s green field sites.

I remain strongly opposed to our Green Belt and green fields being ripped up and built on.  I would rather see housing built on brownfield land first.

I will continue to work hand in hand with residents to stop this development going ahead.  We are waiting for final plans now from the developers for this site and will continue to oppose it.