Ramsbottom ‘Urn’ Repaired


For the past two years, efforts have been made to get Bury Council to reinstate the water feature of the Urn or “tilted vase” on Market Place, Ramsbottom, which has been out of order for some time.

A quotation to carry out the repairs to the system along with ongoing annual service and Periodic testing of the water proved to be more than the Council were prepared to pay.

Cllr Rob Hodkinson, who had previously worked in the pumping industry, was asked to help restore the Urn to its former glory.

Cllr Hodkinson said “I fully supported the restoration of the water feature to bring the “tilted vase” back to life. Without the flowing water the sculpture is pointless.”

After several site visits with the Company who provided the original quotation it was agreed with Cllr Hodkinson that the cost could be reduced significantly using a smaller pump and a floating brominator which would keep the water clean. Ongoing daily and weekly inspections are expected to be provided by volunteers from the local business community.

The water feature has now been tested and is ready to be formally switched back on.

The ‘tilted vase’ will be on a timer which will run from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

Cllr Hodkinson said “Obviously I am delighted that the Urn is now functioning as it was designed to do and is a landmark feature of Ramsbottom.”