Update on Green Belt Issues in Ramsbottom

view from our house

Back in April 2016, we alerted residents to several sites in Ramsbottom potentially being earmarked for development following the publication of a list of local sites being considered by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

As residents know, the 10 local Councils within Greater Manchester, including Bury, are working together to produce a joint plan (known as the “Greater Manchester Spatial Strategy“) to manage the supply of land for jobs and new homes across Greater Manchester over the next 25 years.

They have been asking landowners across Greater Manchester to advise them of sites locally they think may be suitable for development.

Those sites submitted by landowners and developers include much loved sites in Ramsbottom at:

  • Church Fields (adjacent to St Andrews Church),
  • Fletcher Bank Quarry,
  • Land off Bury New Road,
  • Land between Dundee Lane and Heapworth Avenue
  • Land to the rear of Heatherside Road,
  • Land to the rear of Spring Street in Shuttleworth,
  • Ripon Hall Avenue, and
  • Redisher.

The GM Spatial Framework team have today announced further sites submitted to them for consideration.

It includes Bank Lane Farm, Higher Fold Lane, Shuttleworth, which the owners say could be used for semi-retirement homes, or 10-15 detached homes.

The GMSF team will be publishing details for a number of further sites shortly.

A list of the sites being considered can be found here:



Councillor Ian Bevan commented:

Whilst there are no imminent plans for development on these sites, we want to ensure that residents are aware that these sites could be developed in the future. Our concern is that if some of these sites are approved as suitable for development at a Greater Manchester-wide level, it could later be difficult for any planning committee in Bury to refuse planning permission for that land to be developed.”

Councillor Rob Hodkinson commented:

Whilst these sites do not currently have planning permission, and I understand that Bury Council and the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework team are not forming any view at this stage on whether those sites will be suitable for development, any sites assessed as “appropriate for development” will be published for consultation in October 2016.  We would ask that residents provide their comments to us at the earliest opportunity.

Decisions on whether such sites will, or will not, be included in the Spatial Framework  will be made when the draft plan is produced for public consultation in October 2016.

We will keep residents updated.