Ramsbottom Flooding … Update

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**Update – 27 June 2016**

Ramsbottom Councillors had a meeting tonight with the Chief Executive of the Council and various officers from the Department.

We were assured that gully cleaning will continue and be a priority for Crow Lane, St Pauls Street, Garden Lane, Paradise Street and along Carr Street.  Some gullies have been found to be blocked and will be cleared as part of a rolling programme.

Further investigations are ongoing, along with United Utilities, about the drains on Crow Lane after a recent highway collapse and they hope this will be resolved shortly.  A UU drain has been severed by another UU drain causing the foundations of the highway to be washed away creating the collapse.

The Council are aware of the issue regarding the top lodge at Springwood and we have discussed solutions with them to ensure that it does not overflow again in the future.

United Utilities are investigating issues regarding the sewer discharging during heavy rainfall on the Whittingham Drive estate / Nuttall Lane.

Whalley Road gullies are being cleared to ensure that rainwater flows into the drains with heavy rainfall.

The main issue across the town is the lack of capacity of the drains.  Whilst they were originally built to take 5-7 litres of water per second, on the occasions we have had of very heavy downpours, they simply cannot cope with that much water and back up.

In the longer term, the Council are putting as much pressure as possible on UU regarding the lack of capacity issue with the drains, but it also needs residents to report issues to UU so that they are logged and they are able to react to the issues raised.

We will be having another meeting shortly and I will come back to you again with an update.

We have been inundated with complaints from residents about blocked drains and gullies that have been reported to the Council and not cleared.

The last few days has seen some very heavy rainfall, and again some properties were flooded yesterday.

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After the Boxing Day floods we were promised the Council would undertake the following:

  • Inspect drains and culverts to check there are no blockages or damage, and to carry out any maintenance that may be required
  • Clean and unblock surface water gullies, especially around the town centre, on a regular basis.
  • Manage and maintain the water lodges at Springwood to avoid them overflowing and the water running down into the town centre.

We have had complaints from across the town of flooding caused by blocked drains and gullies.

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The situation clearly cannot continue.  We have requested an urgent meeting with Council Leaders and Officers so that we can be assured that there is an effective system in place for the cleaning and unblocking of drains and gullies (as promised) and an explanation as to why some matters have not progressed since Boxing Day.

If in the meantime you have any queries, feel free to contact us.


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