Planning Appeal refused for development at Grants Arms Bowling Green

Grants Bowling Green adjacent to Ramsbottom Civic Hall

Grants Bowling Green adjacent to Ramsbottom Civic Hall

The Planning Inspector has refused the planning appeal by the owners of the Grants Arms Bowling Green in their effort to build 24 retirement flats next to Ramsbottom Civic Hall.

Residents will be aware that there was controversy when the owners tore up trees on the site, which whilst not protected by Tree Preservation Orders, were in the Ramsbottom Conservation Area.  Bury Council undertook a successful prosecution.

The land is “Protected Recreational Ground” in the Bury Urban Development Plan. It is in the heart of the Ramsbottom Conservation Area.

The site is accessed via a very steep hill consisting of stone sets in the town centre. Access in the winter is difficult—both for vehicles and pedestrian access and unsuitable for elderly residents.

We are delighted at the result and a huge thank you goes to the hard work of local residents, Friends of Ramsbottom Civic Hall, Ramsbottom Heritage Society and other community groups.

A copy of the decision can be found here: Grants Arms Bowling Green Appeal Decision