Ramsbottom Police to relocate to Fire Station


You will recall that in November last year we raised concerns with the Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd, that their plan to relocate local Police Officers at Ramsbottom Library was unworkable.

The Police & Crime Commissioner has now taken up our feedback and raised our concerns about the relocation to Ramsbottom Library with the Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Chris Sykes.

These have now been considered and plans are being discussed for local Police Officers to co-locate with the fire service at Ramsbottom Fire Station instead. This will provide a better, more-effective service to the public and means neighbourhood police officers will be more accessible to local people here in Ramsbottom.

As you may have read in the local press last week, Ramsbottom Police Station is to go to auction on the 25th February.  This move to Ramsbottom Fire Station means there will no impact on the local police service provided to the public as a result of the police station being sold.

In addition, last month the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner also unveiled plans to provide officers with mobile devices. These should be rolled out from March 2016 and will allow officers to do much of their work whilst on the beat instead of having to go back to the station.