Update on Bolton Road West flooding

As your local representatives, we fully appreciate the concern that the flooding is causing amongst residents of Bolton Road West.

Contrary to rumours, this is not a mains water leak, it is a surface water culvert issue. (A culvert is a pipe that allows surface water to flow under the road from one side to the other side).

When the culvert “blew” some months ago, a subsequent investigation by the Council’s highway engineers discovered that three service utilities (BT, UU Electricity and Gas) had some time in the past physically broken through the culvert to lay their cables/ducting/pipes across it.  This has caused debris to build up and a reduction in the capacity and integrity of the culvert which was the reason for the failure of the culvert.

Consequently, in order to rectify the situation, meetings have been held on site with each of the three companies and each of them have accepted responsibility.  All three of them will now have to divert / relay their cables and pipes in a way that doesn’t interfere with the culvert.  The culvert can then be repaired.

Each company has to do their works in a order conducive to maintaining the integrity of the culvert, so unfortunately, this is taking time.  Given the complexities surrounding the site, the Council cannot simply step in and do the work.  In particular, the existence of live cables means the electricity company have to undertake their own works.

The Council are pushing very hard for the utility companies to deliver on their responsibilities and they will continue to do so until the work is completed.

As Councillors, we have no decision making powers on this issue, but we have had discussions and meetings with the Chief Executive and Head of Engineering to lobby them to take urgent action.

They have been out to site again and fully understand the issues.  They assure us that they are now in control of the matter to try and bring a speedy resolution for residents.  At this moment in time we do not have a time frame from the Council as to when the work will be completed but we have been reassured that it is being dealt with as a matter of utmost urgency.  We will continue to press for urgent action to be taken by the Council and utility companies.