Supermarket Car Park Fines in Ramsbottom

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For those constituents that complain to us about having been fined for overstaying in the car parks of our local supermarkets, you may be interested in the judgment released today in a case before the Supreme Court of England and Wales.

The motorist lost his Supreme Court challenge against ‘unfair’ fines imposed by a car park when he was given an £85 ticket for overstaying a two-hour parking limit by almost an hour.

In the case of Beavis v ParkingEye the Supreme Court today ruled that the fine was not unfair, and that overstaying penalties are a ‘normal feature of parking contracts’. The judgment said fines were beneficial to motorists themselves as they make parking spaces available to them which might otherwise be clogged up by long-stay users.

‘The risk of having to pay [the fine] was wholly under the motorist’s own control. All he needed was a watch,’ the judges said.’

So, be warned …