20mph zone proposed for Nuttall Lane and Whittingham Drive Estates


As part of Bury Council’s StreetSafe initiative, the Council is promoting a programme of schemes designed to reduce the legal speed limit to 20mph on streets within residential estates and areas.

Schemes are designed to:

Improve safety for all road users, especially the more vulnerable;

  • Reduce vehicle speeds and encourage drivers to drive more calmly;
  • Reduce the number and severity of accidents;
  • Remove/discourage extraneous traffic;
  • Encourage healthier and environmentally-friendly modes of transport (walking and cycling etc.);
  • Deliver benefits to quality of life.

The Nuttall Lane estates have been included within the programme and consequently, the Council proposes to:

  • Establish an area-wide 20mph zone with signing at all boundary points.
  • Install 75mm high speed cushions (singly or in pairs) on Nuttall Lane, Whittingham Drive and Ripon Hall Avenue.
  • Introduce “Dummy” speed cushions on Ripon Hall Avenue and Chiltern Road.
  • Introduce “20” carriageway roundels and/or repeater signs on streets within the area.
  • Introduce carriageway cycle symbols to support existing quiet cycle routes.

The boundaries of the scheme and locations of features and signing are shown on the plan here: Nuttall Lane – 20mph Zone – plans

Residents and other interested parties can make comments on-line by following the “Consultations” link on the Council’s website at www.bury.gov.uk/streetsafe or by post to:  Streetsafe, 3 Knowsley Place, Duke Street, Bury, BL9 0EJ or by email to: traffic.calming@bury.gov.uk

Please note that the closing date for comments is Monday 7 December 2015.

All issues raised will be considered and a report on the outcome of this consultation will be published on the Council’s website and on this website. Where appropriate, amendments to the proposals may well be forthcoming as a result of the consultation process.