Grants Bowling Green saved from development

By Cllr Ian Bevan

Grants Bowling Green adjacent to Ramsbottom Civic Hall

Grants Bowling Green adjacent to Ramsbottom Civic Hall

A planning application to build 24 retirement flats on the Grants Bowling Green site adjacent to Ramsbottom Civic Hall have been unanimously rejected again by Bury Council’s planning committee tonight.

Following a wave of opposition from Ramsbottom residents, including Ramsbottom Heritage Society, the Friends of Ramsbottom Civic Hall and the Friends of Nuttall Park, the matter came before the planning committee tonight for a second time, having been rejected by the Council back in January 2015.

After speeches were given opposing the proposals by the President of Ramsbottom Heritage Society and local Councillors, the committee voted down the plan – and in the process criticised the developers for forcing off the bowling teams, felling trees on the site and allowing the bowling green to go into a state of disrepair in order to enhance their chances of getting planning approval.

It was also felt that the site, at the top of Market Place, was unsuitable for retirement flats due to the steep gradient of the road, and also that the building materials would be out of place in the Ramsbottom Conservation Area.

The developer does have a right of appeal.