Concerns raised over Tamar’s “flagship” AD Waste Plant

By Cllr Ian Bevan

RAWS Committee Members and Residents with Cllr Ian Bevan

RAWS Committee Members and Residents with Cllr Ian Bevan

During the course of the Planning Inquiry into the proposed Anaerobic Digestion Waste Plant, the Planning Inspector, RAWS, Bury Council, Tamar Energy, Peel and Marshalls all visited the Tamar Energy Halstead plant as it was held out to be their “flagship” Anaerobic Digestion Waste Plant.

However, as reported in the Halstead Gazette a few days ago [1 August 2015], the Environment Agency is now taking enforcement action against Tamar Energy in relation to their AD Waste plant at Halstead.

It is reported that since September 2014, the Environment Agency has received 323 complaints about odour and noise at the Tamar plant on the Bluebridge Estate, Halstead.  The plant only opened in July 2014.

An Environment Agency spokesman has been reported by the newspaper as saying: “As the regulator, we have been closely monitoring the site and working with the company since it became operational last July to ensure the conditions of its permit are being met.   On July 21 this year, we served an enforcement notice on the site as the company was failing to comply with the condition on its permit associated with odour.  The notice requires the site operator to implement appropriate measures to address the issue before August 19.  There will then be a two week period following this date to demonstrate the effectiveness of the changes and we will review the situation again after that time.”

Jon Andrews, Halstead plant manager at Tamar Energy, is also reported as stating “As part of this we’re working closely with the Environment Agency, and we’re putting additional levels of monitoring and a series of other improvements in place.”

It is clear that there is something seriously wrong with AD Plants in this country.   It seems that every plant that is built has problems with odour.   This just goes to prove that it was right for us to fight the planning application here in Ramsbottom.  Let us hope that the Secretary of State now makes the correct decision in refusing the planning appeal and upholds the decision of Bury Council to refuse planning permission.   The decision is expected in November 2015.