Bury’s Children’s Centres are changing…

Cllr Ian Bevan and Cllr Rob Hodkinson at Ramsbottom's soon to close Children's Centre.

Cllr Ian Bevan and Cllr Rob Hodkinson at Ramsbottom’s soon to close Children’s Centre.

As of 1st June, Bury Council will be delivering Children’s Centre services via a Hub and Spoke model.

A Hub will be the main building where many Children Centre services are delivered. The Spoke will also have some Children Centre services and activities operating, but these will not be running all the time.

From the 1st June, Bury Council will operate from the following buildings:

  • Bury North and West Children’s Centre Hub – this will be based at the current Woodbank with Elton Children’s Centre site.
  • Ramsbottom Children’s Centre buildings will close and services will cease to be delivered from this site.
  • Tottington Children’s Centre, based at Tottington Library, will no longer be a dedicated site but will be used for outreach services.

Bury Council will also be increasing their outreach work, and will be utilising community venues to provide a more flexible and community focused service. Services are also due to change with more services being focused on those families who are most at need. However, the Council will still be providing some universal services that are available to all families with children aged under five years old.

All Children’s Centre Hubs and Spokes will be required to deliver a core set of services, in addition to this the Council will also be analysing local intelligence and data to prescribe services which are identified as being needed within that community.

Look out for more information over the next few weeks.