Local Election Result – 7 May 2015

The results of the local council elections are now in.  One third of the 51 council seats on Bury Council (including one here in Ramsbottom) were up for election.

Labour gained 1 seat from Independent Labour.  The Conservatives took 1 seat from Labour, as did the Liberal Democrats.  Labour now have a majority of 19 seats on Bury Council.

The new balance on Bury Council is: Labour 35 seats, Conservatives 12, Liberal Democrats 2, and Independent 2.

The result here in Ramsbottom was:

Ramsbottom ward
Candidate Party Votes polled
David Barker UK Independence Party 753
Laura Chepner Green 404
Rob Hodkinson Conservative 3090
Karen Leach Labour 2308

Effective electorate: 9,129. Spoiled votes: 26. Poll: 72.3%. Conservative hold.