Anaerobic Digestion Plant – Planning Inquiry Details

RAWS Committee Members and Residents with Cllr Ian Bevan

RAWS Committee Members and Residents with Cllr Ian Bevan

As you are aware, a Planning Inspector, Ian Jenkins, has been appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to conduct a Public Inquiry into the planning appeal for the proposed Anaerobic Digestion (“AD”) Plant by Peel Environmental and Marshalls.

The Inquiry will take place at the Elizabethan Suite, Bury Town Hall, Knowsley Street, Bury. It is provisionally estimated that the Inquiry will sit for up to 11 days; from 10-13 March, 16-19 March and 23-24 March. The venue has also been provisionally booked for 31 March and 1 April in the event that further time is required. Please note that the Inspector will sit in the afternoon only on the 16th and 23rd March.

The Inspector envisages that the Inquiry will sit each day from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm with a break for lunch around mid-day and a short break during the afternoon. However, he may introduce an earlier start time and later sittings once the Inquiry is open. Consideration will be given, at the start of the Inquiry, to whether any evening sessions are necessary to cater for local residents who wish to attend.

The Council will give evidence first (which is expected to last 2 days or so), followed by others who object to the scheme, including Ramsbottom Against the Waste Site (RAWS) and then Peel/Marshalls will give evidence followed by others who support the proposed Plant.

The evidence of each witness will be open to cross-examination by opposing parties, who have given or will give evidence, and there may be re-examination to clarify answers given in cross-examination.  The Inspector may put questions he has at any stage.

All participants who wish to speak at the Inquiry should attend the opening of the event.

Inquiries are open to members of the public, and although you do not have a legal right to speak, the Inspector will normally allow you to do so. If you want to speak at the inquiry, you need to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. You may prefer to make, or read out, a brief statement giving your views.

RAWS will operate through a single spokesperson and various witness have been lined up to give evidence on behalf of residents. However, if you do feel confident enough to speak at the enquiry or just wish to assist RAWS, then please get in contact with me at or RAWS at so that we can discuss matters with you.

In order to ensure that the Inquiry is completed as expeditiously as possible, the Inspector will intervene to prevent any unnecessary repetition by residents.

The Inspector will look at the site and its surroundings informally before the Inquiry but will carry out a formal accompanied inspection during or after the Inquiry.   It would help if you live in Shuttleworth and have a “No to AD Poster” that you display it in your window between now and April as many residents already have.

I will of course keep you fully updated here on my blog.

Best wishes and thank you for your help so far! – Ian