Update on Gritting and Winter Weather


In view of the recent wintry weather, last week I asked the Leader of the Council at the February meeting of the Council to update residents on how the Council’s Winter Service is coping with the recent winter weather, particularly in the north of the Borough.

This was the Council Leaders response:

Bury Council has a well developed Winter Plan, which is published each year identifying how the service works, gritting routes and how the gritting service is activated. Activation is triggered following scrutiny of weather forecast and ground and air temperatures. All elements of the gritting service were activated as usual and in line with operational protocols. Interruptions to the service are always notified via our Facebook and Twitter feeds. One aspect of this service is proving responses over the week-end and I have asked the Chief Executive to look at a way of ensuring any necessary updates are issued over that period. Laying down grit will always be dependent on weather conditions, and in the main the service is going according to plan. As far as the north of the Borough is concerned the gritting service has and continues to be activated in the same way as it is for all areas.”