Bury Council announce 2015 Budget consultation


Bury Council have launched a public consultation on plans to save £15.8 million from next year’s (2015/16) budget.

The annual budget that the Council have control of (excluding education and schools) is around £138.5 million.

Bury Council have already:

  • Streamlined the number of Council Departments from 4 to 3 with a resulting 30% reduction in managements posts;
  • Reduced the number of employees – 400 employees have left the Council since 2011, although 3,400 FTE staff remain (excluding teaching staff);
  • Internal Efficiencies have generated over £10 million in savings;
  • Self management of facilities have been promoted, such as allotments, bowling greens, parks, football pitches etc;
  • Increased the amount of on-line and web based services.

Nearly £10 million a year has been saved since 2011/12 but there is still much more to do.

Several proposals have already been announced, including reducing bin collections to once every three weeks; closing of children’s centres etc.

Further details have now been published and are contained in a 2015/16 budget consultation document.  Unfortunately, the document is fairly vague as to where savings can be made but it sets out the reasons why the council needs to make savings and which general areas of spending are under review.  My colleagues and I will be pressing the Council Leader for more detail on the proposals.

Bearing in mind that this is your money that is being spent – as a taxpayer and council tax payer – the council is keen to hear the views of as many people.

To read the proposals, and make comments, go to:


The deadline for comments is 9 January 2015.  The Council’s 2015/16 budget will then be set at a special meeting of the Council on 25 February 2015.

If you do have any specific comments or suggestions regarding Ramsbottom, then please feel free to contact me:

Thank You.