Barclays Bank in Ramsbottom to close

Barclay’s Bank on Bridge Street, Ramsbottom, has announced that it to close in February 2015.

They say that there has been a 33% reduction in customers visiting the branch since 2008.  The closure of Barclays will cause inconvenience for both businesses and
residents that have accounts with them.  The nearest branch will be on The Rock in Bury.

There are 4 Banks, including Barclays, in Ramsbottom. Barclays have for many years operated a “part time” branch, opening 4 days a week for 6 hours each
day.  I suspect this has caused many customers to move their accounts to other
banks that are more accessible.

However, I am disappointed that the Bank has chosen closure as it will mean those people who would have come to the Ramsbottom town centre branch will now go to Bury and it is the loss of a valuable service to many local residents.