Planning Decision Making should be devolved to local Councillors

For the past 4 years, I have campaigned to get planning decisions decided by local Councillors here in our township.

I have raised this several times with the Leader of Bury Council and in the Council Chamber.  My proposal would allow local Councillors to have a say and make a decision on planning applications that matter to us here in Ramsbottom.

The Labour Leader of Bury Council has consistently said no – that he is in favour of a centralised system where decisions are taken at Bury Town Hall by a committee comprising of councillors from around the Borough.

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We have seen a number of decisions recently about planning applications in Ramsbottom where our local Councillors have had absolutely no decision making powers.

Take the recent decision on the extra landfill at Fletcher Bank, or the decision to approve a housing development at Ramsbottom Cottage Hospital – all taken by Councillors who do not live in Ramsbottom.

That is why I am repeating my call to Bury Council to devolve decision making to local Townships.

I will remind them that they already do this in neighbouring Rochdale – where each township committee take their own decisions on local planning applications.

I will keep you updated about my campaign.  Let me know what you think.  Email me at