Anaerobic Digestion Plant – Decision due on Tues 18 March

The planning officers at Bury Council had their meeting yesterday and have prepared a report to the Planning Committee recommending that the Councillors on the Committee should approve the planning application for a proposed AD Plant at Fletcher Bank.

The Planning Control Committee meets next Tuesday to make the final decision.

RAWS Committee Members and Residents with Cllr Ian Bevan

RAWS Committee Members and Residents with Cllr Ian Bevan

In view of this recommendation, we now have a real battle on our hands as the odds are definitely stacked against us, unless the Councillors on the Planning Committee can be convinced that the planning application should be rejected.

You will recall last time, when they voted through an extra 1.7million tonnes of landfill for Fletcher Bank over the next 20 years, despite protests.

Members of the Public are allowed to attend the Planning meeting.   Your Ramsbottom Councillors will be putting forward your views, urging them to reject the planning application.  In addition, one representative of objectors can also speak for 3 minutes.  Ramsbottom Against the Waste Site (“RAWS”) will deal with that.

I would ask as many residents as possible to attend the meeting.  Please be at the Town Hall for 6.30 pm on Tuesday 18th March with banners and placards showing your views so that we can try and convince the Councillors to refuse the application.

We need a strong turnout so please be there and show the Committee that we won’t accept this without a fight!! Your help is greatly appreciated and the more of you than can join us at the Town Hall the better.


Here is a message from the Chief Executive of Bury Council, Mike Kelly, received today:-

Dear Resident,

Whilst I am not directly or indirectly involved in the planning process I am aware of the application for Fletcher Bank that will be considered by the Planning Control Committee of the Council next Tuesday, 18th March at 7 pm in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall.

I can confirm that no decision has yet been made on the application; it is the responsibility of the Planning Control Committee who will be considering this application on the evening of the 18th.

To explain, as part of the process the Committee requires the professional officers of the Council to make a recommendation to them as to what the decision should be, which is based on the officers’ assessment of the proposal, taking into consideration all comments received by members of the public and consultees and the application of the relevant planning policies.   

Under the Councils constitution, the report to committee regarding the application, which includes the officer’s recommendation has to be published 7 days prior to the meeting.

The statutory date for receiving comments from the public on the application was the 14th February and while the department accept comments up until lunch time on the Friday before the Committee meeting, the 14th March, any of the comments received after the completion of the report are included in the Supplementary Report presented to the Committee on the day of the meeting and as such your comments will be forwarded to the planning department for consideration.          

You can view the report –


Mike Kelly
Chief Executive