Ramsbottom By-Election win for Robert Hodkinson

I am absolutely delighted that Robert Hodkinson has been elected to join me as a local Councillor for Ramsbottom following the council by-election on Thursday 6th March.

By-Election Count at St Andrews School

By-Election Count at St Andrews School

The result of the by-election yesterday was as follows:-

  • Robert Hodkinson, Con – 1,398 (46.6%)
  • Susan Southworth, Lab – 1,033 (34.4%)
  • David Barker, UKIP – 351 (11.7%)
  • Glyn Heath, Green – 157 (5.2%)
  • David Foss, Lib Dem – 38 (1.3%)
  • Spoilt Ballot Papers – 21

Turnout was 2,998 – 32.56% – Conservative Gain from Labour

It was a hard fought campaign focusing on local issues that affect us here in Ramsbottom in particular our crumbling roads and the Anaerobic Digestion Plant.

It is also clear that the residents of Ramsbottom, Shuttleworth and Holcombe recognise the hard work that Robert and I put in on your behalf, day after day.

I am looking forward to working closely with Rob to ensure that Ramsbottom, Shuttleworth and Holcombe have a strong voice at Bury Town Hall.

The most immediate issue we face is that of the decision before the Planning Committee on 18 March regarding the proposed Anaerobic Digestion Plant.   Cllr Hodkinson and I will continue to fight this proposal as we have done from the start.