The Labour Party really are out of touch with Ramsbottom Residents

I was amazed to have found out last night from Bury Council that the Ramsbottom by-election on 6 March is set to cost council tax payers the sum of £12,850.

Ballot Box

Ramsbottom residents will know that we already have planned council elections in just a few weeks on 22nd May anyway.

The by-election was called quickly by members of the local Labour Party. I would have thought that they could have waited those few extra weeks and then ask residents to go to the polls to elect two Councillors in the annual local elections on 22 May.

I think a snap by-election, at a cost of thousands to our local taxpayers, especially in these difficult economic times for Bury Council, is outrageous.

I have asked the local Labour Party why they could not have postponed this by-election as there are already two other Councillors in the ward.

Indeed, I said that I was more than happy to take on the extra casework between now and May to save the cost of a by-election.

It is no wonder that hard working families in Ramsbottom feel that the Labour Party really are out of touch.

*Update – I have now found out that despite the “snap” election, their candidate – Mark Riddell – has decided not to stand.  Bury Labour have now parachuted a candidate in to Ramsbottom from the other side of Bury – several miles away.