Gearing up for second AD Waste Plant Fight

This week, representatives from RAWS, local residents and local businesses met with Tamar Energy, Marshalls and Peel Environmental – the planning applicants for the Anaerobic Digestion Plant proposed for Ramsbottom:

RAWS Committee Members and Residents with Cllr Ian Bevan

RAWS Committee Members and Residents with Cllr Ian Bevan

The new planning application (Application Number: 57118) was submitted to Bury Council on the 20th January 2014.

In short, what has been added is an Air Quality ‘Addendum’ and everything else from the previous planning application remains the same.

This Air Quality ‘Addendum’ focuses on odour emissions and a new ‘enhanced’ odour control system for the plant to try and abate public concerns on odour, air quality and pollution

Whilst new investigations have been carried out by the applicants using local meteorological data from Scout Moor, satellite data and suggested air quality emissions, they do not include any on-site monitoring within the quarry void or in and around Ramsbottom itself.

Odours will be present in this Anaerobic Digestion process. Tamar Energy say that residents of Ramsbottom will not notice them. RAWS strongly disagrees.

Ramsbottom MP, David Nuttall and Cllr Ian Bevan

Ramsbottom MP, David Nuttall and Cllr Ian Bevan

This issue is of enormous importance to local residents in Ramsbottom. It is unfortunate that a fresh planning application has been submitted by Peel and Marshalls and that it has to undergo the same planning process and consultation as last time.

I am hoping however that Bury Council will listen to the wave of protest about this application. In the end, over 1,000 Ramsbottom residents objected last time round, and very little has changed in this new planning application.

I do want to thank everyone that has taken the time to object; and especially those involved in our residents group – Ramsbottom Against the Waste Site – who have spent hundreds of hours working tirelessly with me opposing this dreadful planning application.

We will be putting the case to the Councillors on the Planning Committee on Tuesday 18 March. In the meantime, we need residents to register their objections to the AD plant application as a matter of urgency.

RAWS have published new template objection letters on their website – for residents to send in to Bury Council.

Residents need to have their say, but please remember that the deadline for objections to be filed with Bury Council no later than 12 noon on Friday 14th February 2014.

RAWS are also asking residents who would like to volunteer to raise awareness of this campaign to contact them at: