Rob Hodkinson selected as Conservative Candidate for Ramsbottom By-Election

At a meeting of the Ramsbottom Branch of Bury North Conservative Association this week, Robert Hodkinson was unanimously chosen as the Conservative candidate for the forthcoming By-Election to be held in Ramsbottom on 6th March.

Robert Hodkinson

Rob lives on Whittingham Drive, Ramsbottom, with his wife, Mary-Ann.  They have two daughters.

Rob and his wife established their small independent business on Bridge Street in Ramsbottom town centre many years ago and continue to have a thriving local business.

He spends most of his spare time volunteering with Ramsbottom Business Group, where he is Treasurer, and helps organise the variety of events and festivals in the town.

I am happy to fully support Rob Hodkinson and hope that he gets the opportunity to join me on Bury Council in the very near future.

Rob gave me the following comment:-

“Ramsbottom has been a wonderful place to live and bring up our 2 girls. We have certainly been beneficiaries of the excellent schools, low crime and strong community spirit that can be found in Ramsbottom.  That is why I spend much of my spare time working with other traders to help bring visitors to our town and help it thrive and prosper.  We have certainly seen a significant improvement over the last few years with the Chocolate Festival, 1940’s weekend, Pie Festival, Ramsbottom Festival.  I am proud to be actively involved with Ramsbottom Business Group.

Since being selected, I have already been meeting people around the town and I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received, especially from fellow traders in Ramsbottom town centre.

Many people still remember the last election that I contested in 2011, when the result was a tie between myself and the Labour Candidate.  The result was decided by drawing straws – the equivalent of a toss of a coin.   The Labour Councillor who won on that day, has now resigned her seat.

I do however have serious concerns that the Labour-run Council have called a by-election so close to the May local elections, and that it will cost the council tax payers of Ramsbottom and Bury thousands of pounds, when it could have been delayed by just a few weeks when the by-election could have been held at virtually no extra cost.

The election on the 6th March is about Ramsbottom and the services provided by Bury Council. If elected I will work hard with Councillor Ian Bevan to ensure Ramsbottom has a strong voice on Bury Council and to fight for the issues that matter to the residents of Ramsbottom – including opposing the proposed Anaerobic Digestion Plant, keeping local services but maintaining a low Council Tax and ensuring we remain a low crime area.”

Voters will soon receive their polling cards in the post, and polling stations will be open on election day from 7am to 10pm.

Anyone who wishes to have a postal vote or a proxy vote should contact Bury Council’s elections office by 5pm on Wednesday 26 February by calling 0161 253 5113 or emailing