Ramsbottom’s Labour Councillor Resigns

Ramsbottom’s Labour Councillor – Joanne Columbine – has today officially resigned as Councillor for the Ramsbottom Ward.

She is one of three Councillors representing Ramsbottom on Bury Council.

I do not know the reason for her resignation, and whilst I have not agreed with her on many matters that have affected us here in Ramsbottom and Bury, I would like to wish her well for the future.

Surprisingly, the Labour Party have called a snap by-election which will be held in Ramsbottom on Thursday 6 March.

I would have thought that they could have waited a short period as local elections in Ramsbottom on 22 May.  I think a snap by-election, at a cost of thousands to our local taxpayers, especially in these difficult economic times for Bury Council, is misconceived.

I will keep you posted of developments.