Decision on AD Waste Plant delayed until November

Bury Council have delayed a decision on the proposed Anaerobic Digestion plant for Ramsbottom. It will now be decided at the Council’s November planning committee meeting as the planning department are awaiting responses from a number of statutory consultees.

However, the Council will continue to make a decision on whether or not to give planning permission to Peel Holdings on the issue of the additional inert waste importation and delay of the site restoration at its meeting on Tuesday 15 October.

Fletcher Bank Quarry

Fletcher Bank Quarry

Current planning permission is for the quarry to be in-filled up to the current planning permission levels and then the site will be restored to its former position and grassed over. Peel have conceded that they are near to the in-fill limit.

The proposal is therefore to add an additional 1.5 million cubic tonnes of construction waste to that already in the quarry. It is expected to take around 10 years. The applicants would then restore the site within two years of them reaching the permitted levels of infill.

In my opinion, there is no justification for a further 1.5 million cubic tonnes of inert waste to be added to the waste already in the quarry. Indeed, the Greater Manchester Waste Plan states “that there is sufficient inert waste recycling capacity within Greater Manchester”.

Not only would it further blight the residents of Shuttleworth, Park and Gollinrod with dust and dirt, but it will result in 24,000 lorry trips each year along Whalley Road and Manchester Road for at least the next 10 years.

I constantly receive complaints from residents about lorries driving fast through our villages, with loads uncovered and showering the roads and pavements with dust and dirt.

This should not be allowed to happen. I will be attending the Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday 15 October (Town Hall, 7pm) to represent you – my constituents.

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