Wind Turbines for Holcombe Moor?

Scout Moor Wind Farm

Scout Moor Wind Farm

Residents of Ramsbottom and Holcombe Village have been aware of Bury Council’s Local Plan – Core Strategy for some time now. It sets down planning guidance for the next 15 years.

On page 168 of the published Core Strategy – it targets the western boundary, north eastern boundary and north of the Irwell Valley as locations where there are opportunities to harness wind energy. This includes Holcombe Moor and the areas around Affetside.

Cllr Iain Gartside (Tottington), Cllr James Daly (North Manor) and I (Ramsbottom) worked on an amendment to the Core Strategy, which we brought before the full Council on 3 July.

The proposal included removing the targeted areas from the core strategy so that it was no longer restricting wind turbine development in the north and west of the township and avoided undue harm to the natural environment or amenity of residents. Additionally, we proposed that all key stakeholders should be involved in the creation of a “Wind Turbine” policy for Bury setting out acceptable separation distances of wind turbines from residential properties based upon the size of the wind turbine.

Unfortunately, the ruling Labour Group on Bury Council (including Ramsbottom’s two Labour Councillors) voted down this proposal. Evidently, they are happy to see wind turbines appearing on Holcombe Moor just as there are on Scout Moor.

The only avenue now is to file objections to the publication core strategy on these issues. You need to lodge your objections before the deadline of Friday 13 September here:-