Public toilets at Nuttall Park closed by Bury Council

Election 2010 010

Due to the cuts to the Ranger Service by the Labour-controlled Council, which I opposed earlier this year, the toilets in Nuttall Park will now be closed during the week and only opened at weekends, Bank Holidays and when there is a big event in the park.

There are a number of issues Bury Council need to consider:-

1. Nuttall Park is always busy with families and children. It is used by Ramsbottom Children’s Centre for “Wellies and Worms” for example. How can the Council say they provide facilities in Nuttall Park paid for with your (tax payers’) money and then close the toilets for 5 out of 7 days of the week?
People will have to use the park in other ways instead i.e. behind bushes which then creates a health risk.

2. The volunteer group – Friends of Nuttall Park – are not available to open, clean or close the toilets as there could be legal liability issues if accidents occur and they may be held responsible.

The Friends Group fought long and hard to get the toilets in the parks open regularly and we now have what appears to be a backward step. If there are no toilet facilities, it could lead to fewer people using the park during the week as people do not want to go somewhere without basic facilities.

I am speaking to the Parks and Countryside Managers to see how this problem can be solved as a matter of urgency.