Peel propose another 1.5million tonnes of landfill for Fletcher Bank Quarry

Peel Holdings currently have permission to put construction and demolition waste into Fletcher Bank Quarry over the next 20 or so years before the landscape is restored to its former condition. Recently, they announced plans for an “alternative restoration scheme” for Fletcher Bank Quarry together with an Anaerobic Digestion plant.

Peel have now confirmed that the “alternative restoration scheme” will involve approximately 1.5million tonnes of extra landfill being brought to the site, along with a significant number of lorries trundling through Shuttleworth on a daily basis.

Peel have estimated that an area of 950,000 cubic metres will need to be filled.

If Peel and its sub-contractors, W Maher & Sons, were to dump this additional waste, it has the potential to increase Peel’s income by tens of millions of pounds. This is all the more concerning as it was a seemingly innocuous proposal tagged on the back of an application for the controversial AD facility.

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority fees for disposing of such waste is £33 per tonne. This would net Peel a significant £50 million.

Fletcher Bank Quarry, Shuttleworth

Fletcher Bank Quarry, Shuttleworth

Residents are now convinced that the AD plant is actually a “Trojan horse” to get this “alternative restoration scheme” through: a scheme which is potentially worth far more financially to Peel than the AD plant and one that should surely be the subject of a separate planning application of its own.

I feel that Bury Council must divide these two elements of the proposed application and put a stop to what, in my opinion, could easily be construed as a most misleading PR/consultation campaign by Peel Environmental.

I’ll continue to keep you updated with news.