Anti-Social Behaviour at Bridge Street Gardens, Ramsbottom

I have received several complaints recently regarding individuals and groups who have been congregating on Bridge Street Gardens, consuming alcohol and other substances. The gardens are situated next to the River Irwell in Ramsbottom Town Centre.

I have liaised with GMP Officers and will meet with them again next week on this. They assure me that whilst on patrol they have moved on several people on various different occasions. They tell me that they do give this area priority as they are aware that especially during summer holidays there are more families entering the gardens area and how intimidating this must be.

Unfortunately there will be times that GMP officers are not on patrol when this is occurring and the only thing residents can do is call 101 to alert them.

Bury Council’s community safety/security officers have also stepped up their visits since early June to provide a visible presence and I have asked for some clear signs as the thing I hear the most from people is that they don’t realise this is part of the No Alcohol Zone. These signs have now been installed.

The Council’s Community Response Team can be contacted on telephone 0161 253 6606 to report any anti-social behaviour. Retrospective reporting can be frustrating for all and does not allow the matter to be resolved but any intelligence regarding regular times or known individuals would be useful if you could feed it back to me.