Unadopted Roads in Ramsbottom

Ramsbottom residents living on unadopted roads get a pretty raw deal from Bury Council. Many streets, such as Manor Street, Richard Street, are not maintained by the Council as they have never been “adopted”.

I continue to be asked by local residents what can be done, so I asked the Leader of the Council at last week’s Council meeting at Bury Town Hall if agrees with me that residents who live on unadopted roads struggle to access public services?

I also asked if he will instruct the Council Officers to undertake a review of the unadopted roads and footpaths in Ramsbottom, Shuttleworth and Holcombe Village and, bearing in mind that residents struggle to meet the costs of ongoing maintenance, consider all available sources of funding for a possible “Private Road Programme” whereby funding could be available to residents to contribute to any improvements and allow the subsequent adoption of unadopted roads by Bury Council.

The Council leader made it clear that responsibility for the maintenance of Private Streets normally rests with the owners of land and property fronting the street. He said that the Council maintains a Private Street Works Priority List which identifies streets which have been assessed as appropriate for making up to adoptable standards throughout the Borough. The costs of such works are funded up-front by the Council and subsequently recharged to residents, based on the degree of benefit they will each derive from the works.

However, the Council Leader said that as Private Street Works do require significant financial input from the Council, progress on implementing schemes is not quick, and indeed it is a number of years since such a scheme could be implemented.