Feedback from the Public Exhibition about the Waste Plant for Ramsbottom

Following the public exhibition on Wednesday 26 June at Ramsbottom Civic Hall, I have had a great deal of feedback.   Unfortunately, Peel Environment, Marshalls and Tamar Energy are unable to give us much in the way of detail.   We must wait for their Planning Application for that – which is expected some time in August.

If, and it is a big if, planning permission is granted, I understand that the proposal will not qualify for a “standard environmental permit” due to (amongst other things) the fact that there are residential properties within 250 metres. Instead, they will have to apply for a “bespoke environmental permit” which basically means they have to install/provide suitable and appropriate measures to mitigate the effects of their operation.

Tamar Energy, who intend to run the plant, have 4 AD plants in the construction phase already and plans/proposals for 40 other plants.  Unfortunately, they don’t actually have any plants up and running for us to go and visit.

However, there are numerous AD plants across the country where problems exist of bad odours and traffic, with complaints from residents, local councils and intervention by the environment agency and in one case litigation from residents.   Tamar Energy appear to dismiss these as “badly run” plants, but they seem to be companies with far more experience than Tamar.

At this stage, the general opinion was that there absolutely no substance to their proposals.

I will be meeting with residents over the next few days to discuss the way forward.