Development Proposed at Bowling Green

A planning application has been lodged this week by Paddle Ltd of Blackburn to construct a block of 34 retirement flats on the former Bowling Green behind the Grants Arms / Civic Hall on Market Place, Ramsbottom.

You can see full details of the proposal on Bury Council’s website –

There was controversy recently when the owners tore up trees on the site, which whilst not protected by Tree Preservation Orders, were in the Conservation Area.

The land is “Protected Recreational Ground” in the old Bury Urban Development Plan.  If planning permission is granted, then the owners will have to pay compensation to the residents of Ramsbottom for the loss of recreational ground.

If you wish to raise any comments or objections, then contact Bury Council’s Planning Officers, quoting Application Number 56225.  The Consultation expires on 25 June 2013.  You can email the Case Officer at