Plans announced for Foodwaste Recycling Plant in Shuttleworth

Peel Environmental Ltd, owners of Fletcher Bank Quarry in Shuttleworth, Ramsbottom, have announced plans for initial consultation with local residents on proposals for an Anaerobic Digestion Plant at the Quarry.

Fletcher Bank Quarry, Shuttleworth

Fletcher Bank Quarry, Shuttleworth

Peel Environment currently use the site for the landfill of construction, demolition and excavation waste.

It has been a cause of frustration for residents for many years that this quarry produces noise and dust and a large number of wagons running through Shuttleworth.

Representatives of Peel Environmental will shortly announce plans for a public meeting and exhibition to discuss the plans and answer questions from local residents.

No planning application has yet been lodged, but if the plan goes ahead, and planning permission is granted by Bury Council, the site will become home to an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility, using organic waste such as food waste, commercial and industrial (such as waste from hotels, restaurants, food processing plants and supermarkets) and agricultural wastes to turn it into biogas to generate heat and electricity and other residues.   The average AD facility will take in tens of thousands tonnes of organic waste each year.  

This proposal will have a big impact on all my constituents in Ramsbottom.  Whilst I accept that this scheme will bring in investment into the area as well as creating permanent full-time jobs and possibly seasonal positions, other sites have been plagued by bad odours and traffic issues.

We also have to ask whether the proposed Plant will be sympathetic to the surrounding area.   My own opinion is that they are looking at further blighting our area.  Are windfarms and quarries not enough?  Ramsbottom already contributes more than most towns in terms of green energy and waste recycling.

Traffic issues are of course a problem on Manchester Road and Whalley Road and additional 7.5 tonne lorries using the road for the site would only add to the traffic problems and dust issues.

Over the coming weeks, I am sure that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be carried out alongside a full Transport Assessment.

The last time we had a proposal to develop a green waste recycling plant at Fletcher Bank Quarry, there was uproar from local residents.   I will ask Peel Environmental to take on board the views of local residents before they consider lodging a Planning Application.