UKIP ponder deal with Labour Party

Asked in an interview with The Telegraph this week, if his eurosceptic party could work with the Labour Party, Nigel Farage, Leader of UKIP said:

“If we found ourselves in the position post 2015 where we could do a deal that could usher this country’s exit from political union in Brussels, we’d do a deal with the devil.”

UKIP logo

This potential “deal” with the Labour Party will depend on UKIP winning its first seats in Parliament at the election in two years’ time (May 2015).

I am sure it will raise eyebrows amongst the party’s supporters — many of whom are disaffected Conservatives.

In any event, many voters have been re-considering whether they would vote for a party that expresses homophobic and nationalistic views.

The UKIP candidate in Tottington last year had previously stood for the BNP as a Parliamentary Candidate in the 2010 General Election.   

Only recently, Olly Neville, the chairman of UKIP’s youth organisation, was summarily dismissed from his position for expressing support on national television for same-sex marriage.  The result has been a damaging fall-out, with bitter exchanges of views between UKIP’s national leadership and those who have left in disgust.

UKIP is, in my opinion, quickly developing a reputation as the “nasty party” of British politics.  It is the apparent intolerance of other people’s views which should be concerning to all reasonable democratic people.

I believe it is incumbent on the leadership of UKIP in Bury – Peter Entwistle and Steve Evans – to publicly refute the appalling intolerant policies of their party.

If they do not do so, then I am sure residents of Bury and Ramsbottom will seriously re-consider whether they wish to be represented by people who belong to a political party which seems to seek to quash democratic dissent.

David Cameron announced he wanted to hold an in/out referendum following a renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the European Union, and as such UKIP has lost its entire purpose, unless its aim now is to be a party of “protest”.

That is why the residents of Bury and Ramsbottom should consider very carefully when they think about supporting UKIP.