Councillors agree to demolish Ramsbottom Cottage Hospital

At a meeting of Bury Council’s Planning Committee on Tuesday 19 March, the decision was made to permit the planning application to demolish Ramsbottom Cottage Hospital and build 13 new homes on the site off Nuttall Lane.


At the meeting, the Chair of Ramsbottom Heritage Society put forward a sensible proposal to save the main part of the Cottage Hospital which has architectural and heritage value and use it to create a home or apartments on the site combined with other homes on the site.

Following discussions with the Chair of the Heritage Society prior to the meeting, I gave my full support to their proposal.

At the Planning Committee meeting, a request was made to postpone the planning decision to allow further time for consultations with the developer to see if the Cottage Hospital could be saved in some form.

The Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councillors present voted for the postponement so that further consultations could take place, but the Labour Party Councillors (who have the majority on the committee) ignored the request and voted to grant the developer’s application and therefore the demolition of the Cottage Hospital.

*Ramsbottom Labour Councillor, Joanne Columbine, who is a member of the Planning Committee, abstained, as she had previously expressed her public support for the demolition of Ramsbottom Cottage Hospital and building of new houses.