Ramsbottom Cottage Hospital – Planning Decision Due

Cottage Hospital under threat of demolition

Cottage Hospital under threat of demolition

Bury Council will make a decision on Tuesday 19 March about the planning application submitted by Arley Homes Ltd for the demolition of Ramsbottom Cottage Hospital on Nuttall Lane and the construction of 13 homes on the site.

If residents wish to attend, the Planning Committee meeting will take place at 7pm in the Peel Room at Bury Town Hall on Tuesday 19 March 2013.

The Planning Officer is recommending to the Planning Committee (comprising of locally elected Councillors) that the application should be approved with conditions attached.

A Summary of reasons for this recommendation from the Planning Officer is as follows:-

“The proposed residential development is acceptable in principle, located within the urban area and adequately served by existing infrastructure. It would contribute to meeting local housing targets and regenerate an existing brownfield site. There would be no adverse mpact on the amenity of the neighbouring properties or the future occupiers of the proposed dwellings and there would be no detrimental visual impact to the amenity of the area. The scheme includes suitable parking provision and will not adversely impact on highway safety matters.  There are no other material considerations that outweigh this finding.”

Further details can be found on the Bury Council planning portal at www.bury.gov.uk.  The planning reference is 55938.