Bury Council’s Consultation on “Home to School Transport” Due to End

I wanted to remind residents that Bury Council’s consultation about a proposal to change the current “home to school transport” policy expires later today – 9 November 2012.

The effect of the proposed changes will be to remove the discretionary provision of free transport to pupils attending a particular school on the grounds of their or their parents’ religion or belief, where there is a nearer qualifying school.

This will not affect those families who receive free travel because they are in receipt of the maximum level of Working Tax Credit, or their child is eligible for free school meals.

We all know that it is important that our children receive the best education available, but for many parents it is just as important that it is at a faith school.

Many parents, particularly those with children in Year 6, will choose a High school with the understanding that Bury Council provide free travel for their children. I know that this is a factor for Ramsbottom children attending faith High schools outside Ramsbottom.

If any parents wish to make comments, then I would urge you to email Bury Council today at travelpass@bury.gov.uk