Bury Council publish “strategy” for next 15 years

Bury Council have published their draft “Core Strategy” for the Borough for the next 15 years.

The following timetable for consultation is due to be approved by the Cabinet on Wednesday 10 October.

  • Consultation on the Draft Core Strategy: October – November 2012
  • Publication of proposed Core Strategy: April – May 2013
  • Submission to Secretary of State for Approval: August 2013
  • Adoption: April 2014

The Draft Core Strategy is a lengthy document (over 350 pages) and presents the Councils proposed policies for the Borough on a topic basis covering the following five themes:

Delivering a Competitive and Diverse Local Economy – which includes policies that seek to: 

−        Protect existing employment land and premises, where appropriate, and make provision for additional employment land to meet future needs;

−        Create thriving and competitive town centres;

−        Manage the location and scale of town centre uses, such as retail, leisure and offices;

−        Accommodate future needs for new retail development; and

−        Develop attractive tourism and cultural assets.


Promoting Strong, Vibrant and Healthy Communities – which includes policies that seek to: 

−        Include a target of creating 400 new dwellings per year;

−        Provide affordable housing;

−        Meet the needs of gypsies, travellers and travelling showpeople;

−        Address the needs of the Borough’s Regeneration Areas; and

−        Support healthy and inclusive communities.

Improving and Managing the Borough’s Environment – which includes policies that seek to: 

−        Manage development in the Green Belt;

−        Create, protect and enhance a network of Green Infrastructure;

−        Conserve an ecological network and promote ecological enhancement;

−        Manage flood risk;

−        Assist in the move towards a zero carbon Borough;

−        Conserve, protect and enhance built heritage assets and landscape character;

−        Deal with contaminated and unstable land;

−        Manage minerals and waste; and

−        Control pollution.


Improving Transport and Connectivity – which includes policies that seek to:

−        Ensure better connections between places and improved accessibility; and

−        Set out the transport requirements for new development.

Delivering High Quality Development in Sustainable Locations – which includes policies that seek to: 

−        Establish the framework designed to ensure sustainable development and achieve a network of thriving townships and communities across the Borough; and

−        Deliver high standards of design and layout in new development.