Sainsbury’s – An Update

In their recent “blog”, Ramsbottom’s Labour Councillors – Fitzwalter and Columbine – have somewhat discourteously alleged that I have been “hyping up” the rumours about Sainsbury’s Supermarkets intending to develop a 40,000 sq ft food store at the Mondi Paper Mill site in Ramsbottom.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Former Mondi Paper Mill site in Ramsbottom

Earlier this year there was silence from our Labour Councillor when Sainsbury’s made their initial approach to Bury Council’s planning department.  

I wanted the residents of Ramsbottom to be fully aware of the proposal at an early stage – not when a planning application had been made and residents had just 6 weeks to comment!
That is why I went public with the proposals and advised the press.   I am sure that if I had not done so, the residents of Ramsbottom would still be in the dark – waiting for our Labour Councillors to say something!
Indeed, Ramsbottom Labour Party remain tight-lipped over whether they are happy for our town to have a fourth supermarket.
So, by way of update … I can confirm that no formal planning application has been lodged.  However, I have had discussions with Sainsbury’s representatives very recently and they have confirmed that they still intend to acquire and develop a food store on the site.   Indeed, their “development team” are currently putting their plans together ready for consultation.
That is why a number of traders and residents have begun a petition to oppose any plan for a fourth supermarket in Ramsbottom.   If you get chance, pop into the shops in Ramsbottom and sign the petition.
I will update you as soon as I have some more news.   I can assure our Labour Councillors that I will continue to give the residents of this town the facts (and not rumours) – whether they like it or not.