Our Green Belt and Green Spaces

I am a great believer in protecting our Green Belt and Green Open Spaces from development here in Ramsbottom, Holcombe and Shuttleworth.

There are plenty of “brown” sites that homes could be built on and that is what Bury Council should encourage.

I also thought our local Labour Councillors were of the same opinion.  Sadly not, so it seems.

None other than Ramsbottom Labour Councillor – Joanne Columbine – as part of Bury Council’s planning committee (which is dominated by Labour Councillors) voted FOR a huge housing development of almost 200 homes to be built on a green field site off Bury & Bolton Road in Bury.

People living in the area campaigned against the development because, they say, it will cause the loss of green space and will increase traffic, as well as having an adverse impact on local schools and health centres.

The planning department received 260 letters of objection, along with a petition containing over 3,200 signatures.  Despite this, our Labour Council – including Ramsbottom Councillor Columbine – approved the plan against the wishes of local residents.

We all support new homes being built – but they have to be in the right place and the infrastructure needs to be there – extra school places, increased road capacity etc.

The next time our local Labour Councillors say that they want to preserve our green open spaces – compare that with their voting record at Bury Council.